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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK                 11/12/20057

I liked the Philip Duclos design of an upright engine but I wanted a larger more conventional engine.

 The rails and box are my design. When finished there will be a top lid.  

Inside the box is a second lid that has an LED lit off/on rocker switch and charging posts, the battery and coil are under this second lid.

The bore is 1.250 and the stroke is 2 and is fed fuel by a Lunkenheimer style mixer. The flywheels are 8.25 with a keyed main bearing crankshaft. Compression ratio is 5.0 1.

 I used a cast front ring and a double lip square cut Viton rubber second ring. The piston is cast and has a cast cylinder liner.

The cam, push rod and gears are my design and are conventional in operation. The governor is also my design although standard in operation.

I used two cast flywheels and a fuel system of my own design that uses a lunkenheimer casting for the mixer. It is a partial gravity flow fuel delivery using Ozark Trails lamp fuel with 10% WD-40. The fuel tank is made from brass bar stock and the cut off valve is my design also.

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