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Joe Webster,     Annapolis, MD       12/272004

1 Cylinder, diesel

I guess you could call this engine "The Next Generation EZE". It's based loosely on Tom Crompton's EZE engine series, but I made a CAD model of it and incorporated a few cosmetic / functionality improvements (most notably in the front housing and venturi area).

I had seen a few photos of the "original" engine and only had a general idea of scale, so I was pretty much working from scratch. The engine I came up with is an .056 c.i. compression ignition model airplane engine with a bore and stroke of .438" x .375". It is made mostly from 3/4" sq. aluminum bar stock with a lapped cast iron piston riding in a steel sleeve. As the name implies, it is an relatively easy engine to build, and a sample could be build from most machinist's scrap bins.

I completed and first ran the engine on December 18th, 2004 after about 3 leisurely weeks of evenings of building. It runs well and spins a 6X4 Master Airscrew over 8500 RPM.

I am considering building a twin cylinder version using the same "modular" concept as the original and am open to ideas or suggestions. If anyone wants to discuss the single or twin cylinder versions, please feel free to contact me.


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