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Joe Webster,     Annapolis, MD       11/15/2004

Midge,    .049 CI    Diesel

This is my second attempt at building a model I.C. engine. Here's "Midge", a .049ci / .8cc compression
ignition (diesel) model airplane engine designed by Mark Lubbock of the UK.  It has a bore of 10mm
and a stroke of 10.6mm. (I got the plans from Ron Chernich who has a very helpful and informative
model engineering web site, which can be found here.

It took me almost two years to get around to building it, mostly because I was intimidated with it's diminutive
proportions. Construction was completed in just over two weeks of evenings, with about another week
spent remaking and tweaking a few parts.  The engine first ran on November 13th, 2004, has about a dozen
tanks of fuel through it, spins a Master Airscrew 6 x 3.5 propeller @ 9200 RPM, and now easily starts
by hand.

Despite it's small size, the project was relatively easy to build, and could be successfully completed by someone
who is particular about their work. 

Midge running w/ a 6 x 3.5 Master Airscrew prop. and Aerodyne standard diesel mix.
14 Nov 04 1330 hrs. / 47 Degrees F / 40% RH / Barometer @ 30.81

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