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Joseph Higgins / Cyril Drillen                 Cape Elizabeth, Maine            3/26/2003

1" bore X 2" stroke, 4 cycle, hit and miss inverted engine

Designed and built from scratch by Joseph Higgins and Cyril Drillen and first run in Dec 2002. This engine was inspired by the "Topsy Turvy" with numerous changes and some additions including a totally redesigned governor and linkage. We incorporated a Hall effect ignition and a forced liquid cooling system using a small piston pump of our own design. Two different radiators we tried and both work well. Due to the aggressive power stroke the engine tends to jump around a little thus the name "Thumpa" The engine starts easy and runs excellent, but tends to throw spots of oil where not necessarily needed or appreciated. The small engine in the front was built first as a prototype to test our ideas and design and it also runs well.




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