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Benno G. Imbrock          Anadarko, Ok        1/12/2003

International Famous, 1/5 scale, 1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 1.00 bore X 1.500 stroke

Here is a picture of the model of the International Famous, 1/5 scale, 3 hp, vertical that I completed a couple of years ago. It is a 1.00 inch bore and a 1-1/2 inch stroke. It has splash oiling. There is a fuel pump to pump gas up to the mixer, which is a "overflow" type and there is also a water pump to circulate coolant through the water jacket, head and back down to the screen-type coolant diffuser. The ignition is the old ignitor type ignition and I must say the ignitor is tiny, but it works. It was a real challenge to build this engine, but it turned out to be a quick starter and a strong runner. The kit came from Blackberry Models, (Jim Gehringer).


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