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Hank Helmen,     Ruckersville, VA        1/5/2003

1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 1.00 bore X .75 stroke

My engine is a  Wall "Water Witch" from Coles power models castings.
It has a 1" bore,  Stroke is  3/4" .    There is brass carburetor that has separate drawings.  I haven't  started on that yet!   It uses an Aluminum piston running in a Cast iron sleeve with 2 piston rings.  The flywheel is 3" cast iron.  The design is an old one and dates back to the late 30's from Elmer Wall Engines in Chicago.  This is my 4th engine to date.  It isn't finished yet.  Its a single cylinder four stroke spark ignition.  It was intended for use in model boats.    I'm using a South Bend 9" lathe and a Sheline with mill attachment.

I finally got the finished pictures of my wall water witch.   It is done and runs great.   11/15/2004




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