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Bob Shores,     Ruskin, Florida

1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 3/4 bore X 3/4 stroke, Hit and Miss,  1994

The Silver Angel was designed and built in 1994.  The first drawing package was purchased by Charlie Mosgrove In June 1995.  This engine features “open Technology” as all parts except the piston and rod are visible. A pleasing spectacle when running. The Silver Angel is a good project for the novice to acquire the basic skills needed for this hobby.  To view engine Specifications click here.

The Silver Angel is made from bar stock, no castings. It features an overhead exhaust valve, operated by a rotary cam, on a vertical camshaft.  Engine speed is controlled by an adjustable fly-ball governor.  Another nice feature of this engine is the crankcase pressure regulator that maintains a slight negative pressure to prevent oil leaks. The Silver Angel is very easy to start and will run very slow for long periods of time, making it a nice display engine.
 Bob sells plans for this engine at .


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