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Kevin Mills,    Semmes AL,              2/13/2011

Farm Boy by J E Howell

Hit and Miss, 1" bore 1.375 stroke

My friends dad "Richard Christian" has built many types of motors, many are on this site. I was always amazed at the attention to detail. Richard passed away a few years ago. His son and I was looking at all his projects and I decided I had to build one. I had the plans for a while, but just got started on it January 2011.

This is a couple pics of the spring fixture I made.
I needed .400 OD x 1.050 long .020 music wire with 7 turns.
The fixture OD ended up at .290 OD to achieve .400.
I made one end of the fixture 6 turns and the other 7 turns.
I stressed relieved in the oven at 500 degrees for 1 hour .
I made springs with .020, .025, and .032 music wire.
I made some with .015 wire, they where not as consistent and did not look as good as the others.




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