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Jonathan Price,    Kingsport, TN,               1/2/2011

Economy engine

This is a horizontal, single cylinder engine with a 1.125 bore and 1.75 inch stroke.  The flywheels are approximately 6.5 inches in diameter.  It was first run in September and then tore apart for paint.  I completed the paint and reassembly of the engine in December 2010.  It was built from castings bought from Joe Tochtrop in California.  I built a one piece 4140 crankshaft for it and it uses an aluminum piston in a cast iron liner.  I especially like the speed control lever as the engine speed can be varied from around 325 rpms to about 600 rpms just by sliding the lever.  It is a great runner and starts easily also.  You can see it run on YouTube with the following link.


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