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Ronald Wright,  Waikuku Beach, New Zealand      8/4/2010

Horizontal Hit and Miss #1

This is the first engine I have built ,quite an exercise  as have only recently acquired a lathe & mill.  I am 71 years old so left it very late !!
I live at Waikuku Beach ,in the south island , NZ.
The engine is built from David Kerzelís plans with very few changes , the proportions are very good, & is built from bar stock ,mainly mild steel.
I only bought the timing gears & the spark plug  ( 14/32 ) plus the ignition parts.     It weighs about  5 kg.


Bore is 22mm.  Stroke 25mm.  The cylinder sleeve is chrome moly ,  piston & con rod  alloy,  with Viton O ring.  Flywheels 105mm. Mild steel.



Ignition is J.E.H. module with hall sensor running on 4.8 volts , have included retard & advance, but seems to start & run on about 8deg btdc.
Made the valves one piece , real tricky little things , but eventually got compression.  Am running on regular petrol plus 5%  wd 40. Is starting
First flick most times, running about 500 rpm.  
The wood in the base is  Black Maire,  a native of NZ.                      

YouTube - model engine ronald      to see it running.



Note: Several people have started to build this engine and I believe this is the first one I have seen running.  Ronald made a bunch of changes but that is what's so great about this hobby is adding your own ideas.  David Kerzel


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