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Denis Cousineau,          Cornwall, V, Canada       7/24/2007

Little Angel Engine

Engine Design by Bob Shores, my bore is 9/16 stroke is 5/8

hi my name is Denis Cousineau, I leave in Canada Ontario my finished project is bob shores little angel thanks to the shore family for this perfect hobby and interest.

Hi my name is: Denis f cousineau I am 42 years old and live in Ontario Canada I am a license auto body technician  of 25 years. this is a cool change. I am a novice

in this very interesting hobby, because iv done model trains, model cars&boats,crafts,air brushing, but nothing beats a combustible engine from scratch this is so cool, two thumbs up to the club. and bob shore and his wife they are really the ones, that got me interested in this new hobby because of easy access to castings and plans, suppliers.  I just wish some one would build a machine that would cut cam's & cranks to a mirror finish the plans that are on a couple of sights are cool but they are not a piece of machinery that are not 100% Sherline would be able to invent one in a month ore two they are the team ....

 my second project is the two cylinder four stroke Hercules this project is mush easier and funner because of the cam and crankshaft and head assembly this engine will be fired with a hall senor thanks again to the shore family I am trying to bring this hobby to the north


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