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Tom Phillips             Broken Arrow, OK                       

Red Wing Replica     11/12/2006

Here are some pictures of the Red Wing Replica that I have just finished along with pictures of a couple changes I made to the plans.


To get some experience in machining and building from plans, I decided to purchase a casting kit from Red Wing Motor Company in Arkansas. ( I used an old model T ford coil for ignition, reconditioned it with new points and adjusted it.

I am using a 12V. lead acid battery 6Amp. Mounted with the coil in a red oak box on the rails of the same red oak material.

I made a few modifications to the plans as I went along.

 First - I made the valves one piece (instead of two piece) as it shows in the picture.

Second instead of soldering the piston pin bearing to the rod shaft, I made the shaft and pin bearing one piece using a brass bearing per my own design. (also one of the pictures)

 Smaller modifications were made as well as sanding the rough castings smooth before painting. I used acrylic enamel automotive paint instead of epoxy.

 The rails and box are my design. Inside the box is a second lid that has an LED lit off/on rocker switch and charging posts, the battery and coil are under this second lid. I am using the original design ignition ground post to fire the coil.

The bore is 1.250 and the stroke is 2 and is fed fuel by a Lunkenheimer style mixer. The flywheels are 8.25 with a keyed main bearing crankshaft. Compression ratio is 5.8 1.

 I used the original front ring (steel) and a double lip square cut Viton rubber second ring. It will hold the compression without leaking.

This is a good running engine because of the large flywheels compared to the bore and stroke. Also the bearings are oilite and oiled with synthetic non-detergent oil with 5 percent WD-40 in the gasoline. It has very little friction and will coast about 10 revolutions before hitting again.  



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