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Joe Kalke     Maryville, TN        12/27/2004

Little Angel,   1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 1/2 bore X 1/2 stroke

I purchased the plans from Bob Shores on 2-6-04. This was my 1st attempt at building an engine of any type. It was built using a Sherline mill & lathe. I completed the project on 12-5-04 & got it running on 12-7-04.

Final mounted engine.



     Piston Piston and crank


  Regulator yoke       Regulator Arm     Valve


2/23/2005    I just thought I was done with the Angel. Then I started making the box to set it on. For me, that was a project in itself. I don't know if a mill was intended for woodworking, but it worked for me.




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