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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

Upshur Farm Engine    1/24/2004

As a young boy on my Grandfather's farm I remember having to keep the water jacket filled on a hit or miss engine. I don't remember the brand name or size but, I do remember the rather
strange sounds it produced, even after some 60 years. Looking for a small project that I could handle while recuperating for some surgery, and scanning the net, I came across the Upshur Farm Engine. While not exactly a true hit or miss engine, it looked close enough and simple enough for me to handle. so I obtained the plans. Years bask, I built a few I.C. Engines and thought this one would be fun and easy. I found the plans straight forward and made only a few minor  changes after looking at similar engines in the FAME Gallery, i.e.: The exhaust muffler, the carburetor and then added Hall-Effect Ignition (which is adjustable).  We had mostly John Deere implements on the farm so I elected to paint it those colors. Its just
too cold here in Wisconsin right now so I have yet to attempt to fire it up. Now being "hooked", I am looking to build a more scale engine that includes the true hit or miss features.


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