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Shorty Leatherwood ,     Kingsport TN,

Little Angel    1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 1/2 bore X 1/2 stroke

   The motor is built from Bob Shores plans "Little Angel" it is a .5 in bore and stroke. I started this project about 6 years ago when I purchased a used sherline lathe.  Having absolutely no experience in machining, I soon was over my head. I had to put this up for the better part of 5 years until I gained enough knowledge to proceed.  This is my first motor of any kind that I have built.  Many thanks to Bob for all the Emails and Phone calls of help.  Thanks to all the members here at FAME who answered all the questions I have had in the past.   I changed a few things from the original plans such as the one piece rocker arm and with the advice of Bob at Iron Fever Expo change to the Hall effect ignition.  I was able to complete this in time to give it to my father for his birthday.  He as well shares the love of these motors. 
Date engine first started and run was Sep 08, 2003





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