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Bill Eckert,     Cavendish, VT       10/22/2003


1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 7/8 bore X 7/8 stroke

Silver Eagle. 

 The Silver Eagle is a horizontal, 4 cycle, water cooled, hit-or-miss gasoline engine. It has a bore and stroke of .875,and a cast iron liner and piston. The engine was machined using a Sherline lathe (with a riser block) and a Sherline milling machine (with rotary table). The castings kit of Bob Shores included 4 Almag Aluminum castings (frame, cylinder and 2 bearing caps) and 2 cast Silicon Bronze flywheels.
The engine measures 4.1"high, 5.6" wide, and 8.2"long. The finished engine was mounted on a base, along with a HED II controller, an "Exciter" coil, and a Tachometer (All Mike Neal's) and a temporary gas tank and 6 volt power supply.
All the components of the engine were machined according to Bob Shores plans and very helpful construction sheets.



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