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Randy Rockwell,     Salem, OR       10/22/2003

Inspired by other model engineers, this 1/2 scale model of a 1HP Root & Vandervoort gas engine is the closest anyone could get to the real thing.  The original engine was produced in the early 1900's and still runs today.  This model has 8 3/4" flywheels, a 1.625" bore and 2" stroke and features much more brass than the original.  The patterns, original castings, and machining was done by Randy Rockwell.  The entire project took about 20 months to complete.  It is fully operational on gas or propane (currently propane), spark plug or ignitor (currently ignitor).  We sell kits for our model that has the option of brass or cast iron flywheels, and includes assembly drawings, decimal equivalents and fittings charts, and a decal template.  For further questions, feel free to email , with "R&V model inquiry" in subject bar at



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