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Timothy Jensen     Rapid City, SD         4/15/2003

This is an Odds 'n Ends Hit 'n Miss engine built from plans in The Shop Wisdom of Philip Duclos. It has a 1 inch bore and a 1.375 inch stroke. The main bearing blocks as well as the valve body are made from bronze. The "glass" part of the cylinder oiler is actually a piece of  plastic tube a dolfa brand counter sink came in. The engine was first run late March of 2003, and at the time  the pictures were taken April 10,  had run about 12 hours. Finish is Dupont Nason enamel. It uses a transistorized buzzcoil ignition scratch built from Floyd Carters schematic on my own design printed circuit board. Coil is a 6 volt automotive coil with a 5 cell ni-cad pack for power. Piston rings were made using George Trimbles methods. Compression is excellent, and the engine runs beautifully. It is the first internal combustion engine I have built.

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