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Andy Heyd     Longmont, CO         3/6/2003

This is my Eagle from the Bob Shores kit. It is my first I.C. engine. It

runs really great and I highly recommend it as a first engine. When I first tried to run it it would sputter and turn over for a few seconds then I read a tip about making sure the intake valve spring is really weak compared to

the exhaust on the FAME message board and it's ran great ever since. The

engine uses Mike Neal's Exciter coil and HED driver with Hall Effect sensor, which works great and I can highly recommend his system. I built the Eagle entirely on my Sherline 5400 mill and Sherline lathe (I had to use the headstock riser block on the lathe to initially clean the flywheel castings OD then I was able to turn all other features w/o the riser). I plan to make a pretty wood box and something to power with it.


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