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Bob Verhaeghe,     Merritt, NC

1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 1.25 bore X .2.00 stroke

The RLE was a total rebuild project. (see Work in Progress for the rebuild story) The RLE engine is a "Hit & Miss" with a Bore of 1.25 in. and Stroke of 2.00 in. Compression ratio is 5:1. First run was 10-3-02 but there was lots of work after that date for fine tuning to get it running right. As of now the engine runs steady at 410 RPM, and starts easy. Fuel is Ozark with 5% wd-40. The ignition is Jerry Howell's buzz coil system on 6 Volts, powered with four "D" size batt's.

How I got involved with miniature engines,  my old 4 Stroke Engine Story.


Click here for a video clip of the engine starting up at Cabin Fever 2003



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