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Gene L Hehl         Poynette, WI     12/15/2002

Horizontal one cylinder Hit and miss, Oddball 6 cycle, air cooled, .750 bore and 1.125 stroke, and runs at approx. 700 RPMs

Its an oddball because the flywheels are inside the frame rails and the gear ratio crankshaft to cam is 3:1 (hence the six cycle).

Pump gas or Lantern fuel. I usually use lantern fuel.  I first ran this engine about two years ago at our August 2000 show.

This is a Philip Duclos design; I found the plans in several issues of Home Shop Machinist Magazine and thought it to be interesting and different.  This is an easy to start and a good running engine it features a self- ejecting crank.  I used an old motor cycle coil and condenser for ignition; its tucked under the skid



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