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Richard Williams,                 Sweet Home, OR    11/12/2002  

Mery engine

Castings by Morrison & Martin Engine Works
1895 Mery Explosion Engine
This is a 6-cycle engine that makes two exaust strokes. It is also a double acting cylinder, it fires on both ends of the cylinder.  It is a 1/4 scale, 1.500" Bore 3.250" Stroke.  This is one of the first Merys built and ran in 1997.  This engine has a lot of modifications done to it to keep the vibration down, it is not a very well balanced engine.  For instance the piston is 1.500" x .750", this is a big slug going back and forth.  I made mine .375 long with one 1/16 wide ring on the piston. I also put counter weights on the crank.  Now it is a fabulous running engine, it runs all day at 200 RPM.  It is really a eye stopper at the shows.  By the way, this engine was built in a month and then it took me another month to get it to run like it does now.  You will notice that all of the real slow running Merys have dual pipes.  Somehow with the single pipe it doesn't clean the combustion chamber out real good and at low speed you don't have a good explosion in the cylinder and it will quit.



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