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Benno G. Imbrock          Anadarko, Ok

This is my Silver Eagle, designed by Bob Shores, and it has a 7/8" bore and 7/8" stroke. It runs on regular fuel, but I use the Shores mixture of  Coleman fuel and WD40. I got the casting kit from Bob on about 5-17-02 and the engine first ran on 7-08-02. It went together easily and it runs very nicely. It was a fun project. Bob is always very helpful with answering phone calls. My engine has a good enough fit in the piston/cylinder that it runs without any piston rings. The compression is good and it "kicks back on compression when you spin it by hand. I changed a few things, namely my connecting rod is made of 1/4" drill rod, my flyweights are different than spec, and the carb is made differently inside than the drawings"


I have run it for probably a total of 5 to 6 hours, without any faltering.  It runs very smoothly and is a joy to watch.  The following pictures are before painting and finishing everything.




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