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George Hunt         Honaker VA (formerly of Bristol TN)       

This is a Maverick engine designed by Philip Duclose(speling?)It is a horizontal .800 bore and 1.0in, stroke ,gearless 4 cycle that uses a ratchet on the end of the rocker beam to achieve the 4 strokes! It was first ran in Dec. 2000 and since first ran it has clocked more than 50 hours running time!! It will run for 2 hours on 1 oz. of gas. The engine now has a water hopper on the cylinder, the flywheel is 1in. bigger dia. and .250 thicker at the rim , the flat spring that works the ratchet has been replaced with a ratchet paw ,witch is much more reliable ! I have also just finished making a new head for it to use a 1/4-32 sparkplug and am adding rings to the piston.



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