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Bob Shores,     Ruskin, Florida

1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 7/8 bore X 7/8 stroke, First shown in February 2002.

Silver Eagle.  The Eagle was designed to be the "first" engine for the novice to build. It is a hit-or miss, gasoline engine that is easy to build and is a quality engine.  Building the Eagle will teach the novice the basic techniques of small engine building.

The Silver Eagle has Aluminum (Almag) castings (frame, cylinder and bearing caps) and Silicon Bronze flywheels. The Golden Eagle is cast entirely of Silicon Bronze and weighs about 9 pounds. The Bore and stroke is .875", ball bearing supported crank, adjustable speed governor, oversize exhaust valve, cast iron cylinder and piston with one ring.  The Eagle has quite a bit of power at low speed, making it ideal to power a tractor, water pump or miniature saw mill. Click here for additional pictures.

Bob sells plans for this engine and others at .


Click here for a short video of the engines starting (at Cabin Fever 2003)  

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