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Bob Verhaeghe,     Merritt, NC

1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, .500 bore X .570 stroke

I worked on this engine that I call the Green Flash;  I have it running and thought you might want to see some pictures.   The engine started out as Bob Shores  L.A. but was changed it several ways so I can't say it is a Little Angel.    I made my Base patterns and Flywheel pattern.  Castings were made by Hank Helmen.  The cast iron sleeve was made from an old window sash wt.  Alum.for castings was old automotive pistons.  Brass for the Flywheels castings was from old gears.    Bore is at .500 dia. with a  stroke, =.10 cu. in..  The piston is 6061-T6 alum. w/o ring.  Ignition is a buzzcoil and fuel is gasoline.     Started building about Oct. 10, 2001,-- finished Dec. 20 ,2001.    First run March 13, 2002. 

For more picture click here.                      How I got involved with miniature engines,  my old 4 Stroke Engine Story.


Just thought you would like to see that this hobby can be practical. Louise likes that she can sew even if the power is cut-off during our storms. This is going to be the emergency power set-up!!


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