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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI    4/5/2009


Here is my simplified version of this fun and interesting type engine . Most all the materials can from my scrap drawer. I did have to purchase the test tube (American Science & Surplus), the Stainless Steel wool (Wal-Mart), The graphite for the piston came from (The Graphite Store), the O-Rings (Ace Hardware) and the bearings from (Bocca Bearing).

The fuel container is made from a copper pipe cap. The best fuel for the engine is denatured alcohol, unless you can find some “white lightening”, at about 190 proof.

The flame should be directed just at the front of the regenerator wool. The flywheel rotation works in either direction. This is a nice little engine that you can run most anywhere as the are no toxic fumes to deal with.

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