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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI    1/27/2009

Little “Blazer” engine

Having a long weekend without any snow to shovel I finally opened the book;

“Two Shop Masters”, by Frank McLean and Phillip Duclos and found the prints

for Mr. Duclos’ engine which he labeled; Little “Blazer” engine. This is an

Atmospheric engine or also known as a “Flame-Sucker” engine.

I found the article most complete and most all the construction of the components

are covered with good drawings as well as fine pictures of the actual machining

techniques. Most all of the materials came from my odds-n-ends bin, with the exception of the copper reducing fitting which acts as a fuel tank. The bore is

.500”, and the stroke is ,875”. The fuel is denatured alcohol. It was fun building.



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