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Mike Walters,    London Ontario Canada       7/4/2004

Bob Shores Silver Angel

.750 bore .750 stroke 4 cycle air cooled-splash oil-hit and miss engine.

 This is a Bob Shores silver Angel, This engine is a little less complex than some of my previous builds but after seeing one run at NAMES 2007 I had to have one!  This engine is very easy to build and runs nicely I built the engine in 93  days (part time) from opening the envelope.


It is equipped with a hall effect pick up and runs perfectly on 4.8 volts with both Jerry Howells Tim6 and exciter coil or Mike Neil's CDI unit.

The engine has been a joy to build and was my third gas engine, It was also the first gas engine that I have built that fired up on final assembly and has not presented any "surprises".

  VIDEO Of the engine running  (Windows media file). 

I am happy with the outcome and recommend this build to any novice machinist.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have


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