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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

Domestic ENGINE      5/23/2007

This is the latest effort added to my engine collection. This is a 1/3 scale of the two horsepower vertical water cooled Domestic Hit or Miss Engine. It is had been slightly modified from the original plans.

Firstly, the ignition system has been replaced with the very dependable Hall-Effect Ignition System from MJN of Florida and employs a standard spark plug. The spark advance and retard are easily adjusted , see the knurled shaft next to the timing gears. I also lowered the compression a bit to keep the engine from jumping off the work bench with a thick head gasket.

I had some problems with the detailed scale fuel mixer shown on the plans, and replaced it with the more simple type as I used on my Zero-Six engine. An inlet screen has also been added. The original rectangular fuel tank and its location have been replaced with a new round tank. I had a problem with the fuel being siphoned by the original scale mixer.

A simple exhaust muffler has been added, more or less for appearances. Getting the governor spring rate right, has been a simple try and try again affair to keep the RPM in an acceptable range. As shown, my hand crank is placed on the crankshaft. Details of the hand crank can be seen in MEB magazine issue number nine.


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