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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, Florida

Simple 4 cycle vertical, 1.00 bore X 1.00 Stroke

For about 2 years I have been working on small compressed air engines.  It has been my goal to have the last engine in the series be a radial.   Well the radial is still a work in progress so I moving back to internal combustion. 

This first engine is a simple vertical made with only a lathe and drill press. 
It is made of bar stock. 
It  is intended as a first engine for new builders. 
I hope to follow this with a series of engines with decreasing displacements and increasing complexity.

1/15/2007  it is together and painted and I am off to Cabin fever



The work in progress has gotten rather long, so it is now in 3 parts:
Go to building the engine page        (5/11/2006 thru 9/10/2006)
Go to making it run page               
(9/17/2006 thru 11/9/2006)

Go to more testing page                         (11/1/2006 - present)
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If you are interested in reviewing the plans or building the engine, please write me .


I need to say my engine now runs.  It starts in half a second with the drill and in 3 or 4 manual flips.

1/9/2007  I made a box and cleaned up the ignition mess.


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