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Kamran Nili                     Boynton Beach, FL                                 8/2/2004

Upshur 4 cycle Farm Engine 3/4 inch Bore x 1 Inch Stroke, Open crank with air cooled cylinder.

This is my first 4 cycle engine and also my first machining project. Since I didn't have any machining experiences, it took me 10 months to build it. But the time spent was well worth it. When I finished with the engine I had problems starting it. It wasn't firing at all. Likely I noticed that David Kerzel lives very close to where I live so I dropped him an email and ask him for help. He offered to come and visit me which was very nice of him. After he looked at engine he noticed that the intake valve spring is too strong and won't allow fuel to get into cylinder. Also he made a few comments on the carburetor adjustment. The next day I changed the spring from .017 dia wire to .015 dia wire and adjust the carburetor according to his suggestion and the engine started right away. Still misses every 10 cycles but once I change the spring to a smaller (.012 dia wire). It should take care of that problem.

I think this is a very nice first engine project for those interested to get involved in this hobby.

If you like to build this engine you can contact Mr. Upshur at


A few extra detail pictures


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