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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

One Cylinder vertical with Overhead Cam,  1.0 bore X 1.0 stroke  2/11/2006

1" bore X 1" stroke, timing belt driven over head cam, MJN  CDI ignition, 12 volt fan cooled, and variable compression (after the engine is built) engine as finished and running well.....The crank case, cooling fins, head, and camrack are all made from 3" O.D. aluminum .....The block endplates are made from 1/4" X 3" X 3" aluminum angle.....   The engine has ball bearings supporting the crank, and a ball bearing in the idler pulley.... 


Over the last ten months, I have been working on a very complete set of drawings...... The plans contain thirty eight of dimensioned drawings , and fourteen pages of written instructions.   The plan set also has a CD with over 1300 large file pictures.   I have also put approximately. 2000 written notations on the pictures.... I  am going to sell the plans and CD for $35.00, which includes postage in the U.S.A.......I believe that this engine would be a "good" first or second engine for the newer builder.....

Click here to see the work in progress pictures of the first engine being built.

Click here to see the work in progress pictures of the 2006 engine being built.


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