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Steve Peirce,     Uniontown, OH           7/20/2004

Achilles inspired by Bob Shores Silver Bullet

 Bob Shores Silver Bullet has always been my favorite engine. It was Bob's Bullet that got me into building engines. After I found Bob's web site on the internet I had to have one and drove 400 miles out to my first Cabin Fever show in 2001 just to meet Bob and purchase a Silver Bullet kit.  
  I had no machines at the time and after purchasing my Sherline Mill and Lathe I found the Silver Bullet was too large to machine. By this time Bob had released the Hercules kit for people like myself with Small size machines. I purchased one of the first Hercules kits, but have been side tracked with other projects for the past 3 1/2 years.
 Bob always showed a great interest in my work and was my greatest inspiration and sounding board since I turned my first chip. I always promised Bob I would get to building the Herc and Silver Bullet, but never got to do it so Bob could see it. So I decided when Bob Passed I would set aside what I was working on and finally build a bullet.
 This engine is my Special Tribute to Bob Shores for all his gifts of wisdom, Inspiration, Humor and all the beautiful engines and memories he has left to us all. and most of all for joining up with David to bring us FAME. The greatest group of engine builders the world over!
  Bob and Margaret have been dear to my heart ever since our first meeting.
  This one is for you Bob !
 Here are a few progress pictures of the "Achilles" I still have the Carburetor, Crank Case breather, Spark Plugs, Final drive and a few misc odds and ends left to go. But she's getting there pretty quick. I started on this engine June 1st and have maybe a hundred hours or so into it so far.

I thought a Golden Angel Radiator Cap was  a fitting addition to the engine. If anyone is interested in building one let me know and maybe i'll draw it up for people, also thought of converting the flyballs on a Silver Angel into small Angels.  Angels whirling around the governor would be neat! Bob would have really liked that I think.

Enjoy....and Happy Trails!

4/20/2005   I just completed the Achilles tonight, Just in time for Names.




What a weekend! woke this morning to 6 inches of snow in Michigan. Wound up late to the show and missed the awards. I did win 1st place however with the Achilles. I think it was not just my dream but Bob's as well.




I went ahead and finished the new header pipes for the Achilles and made a Tractor style muffler manifold aswell.
 Here is the completed update to finish off the Achilles engine. I like the headers a little better then the muffler and is keeping with Bob's engine.




  Steve Peirce
Uniontown, Ohio


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