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Ricardo Vituzzo    Brasil          10/19//2008

Silver Angel

I got the drawings from Mr. Bob Shore may be in 2005, I know he passed away. I follow the drawings and made small modifications like using ball bearing on the crankshaft. The bore and displacement is 0,500 in accordance with the original plant.

  VIDEO 1 (Windows media file). 

The ignitions system I have ordered from MJN Fabrication , it is a good ignition system and work very well.

I am still doing some adjustment in my engine, the engine start running for few seconds then it stop. I am doing some trouble shooting to determine the reason.

I am going to try to discuss with some member to have some tips.

I have used a Sherline lathe and Mill to build up the engine. I have almost all the Sherline accessories.

 I do not know if there is anybody else in Brasil that have this Hobby.


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