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Jonathan Price,     Kingsport, Tn       5/11/2006

The name of the engine is Pioneer.  It was designed by the late Rudy Kouhoupt.  It is a single cylinder, 2 cycle, noncompression engine with a 1.125 bore and 1.5 inch stroke.  It does have poppet valves and since it is a two cycle the cams are mounted directly on the crankshaft.  It is an unusual engine because it does not compress the fuel mixture.  The intake valve opens at 6 degrees A.T.D.C. and closes at 76 degrees A.T.D.C.  The plug fires at 77 degrees A.T.D.C. and it exhausts from 180 degrees A.T.D.C. to T.D.C.  It's built mostly of aluminum but it does have a cast iron cylinder liner and piston.  The base is oak.  It was first run in March of 2006. 


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