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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK     3/26/2006

This is my first attempt at making a Hit/Miss engine. The purpose was to learn how to use my Lathe & mill, as well as learning the principles of Hit/Miss engines. The engine was made from materials from a Briggs lawnmower and scrap metal. Bar stock was used as needed & castings for the flywheels. I drew the plans, built the electronics and designed the fuel system.


Several things have been redesigned in the process of building an engine that would run as expected. The engine has been in the works for about 6 months, when ever I had time to spare. The first run was made in Feb. 2006 but several changes had to be made and the completed runs were made this week March 15-17 2006. I have been using gasoline and 5% WD40 but will change to methanol - white gas & 5% WD40 for a cleaner burn with cylinder lubrication .

The electronics are made from a Jerry Howell buzzcoil kit with hall effect sensors for timing and spark saver circuits. And uses his  exciter coil with a 6 volt battery.  

Fuel system is my design of a mixer using a brass elbow and needle jet with a spray bar. The tank has a check valve with a mesh filter inside of the tank.

The bore is 2 9/16" and stroke is 1 3/4". The head is my design using valves from the Briggs cut down in length to fit the head. The cylinder and head is all aluminum from bar stock. The compression is 5 - 1 with a teflon head gasket. All of the bearings and pivot points are oilite bronze.


4/25/2008 this engine has been modified click here to see the new version


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