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Dennis Johnson                    Clearwater, FL                                8/12/2005

Designer:          Bob Shores
The Bob Shores “Eagle” is a horizontal, 4 cycle, water cooled, hit-or-miss gasoline engine. It has a bore and stroke of .875", cast iron liner and piston. 
Ignition is Hall Sensor CDI from Mjn fabrication. 

The engine first ran July 26, 2005.


The web site, links etc have been absolutely invaluable as I have learned to build these model engines.  Without people like yourself who are willing to put forth the time and effort to advance the model building knowledge base, the hobby just could not grow. 

 The model engine building hobby is preserving the history of the Industrial revolution.  Just think what our lives would be like had our ancestors not fought the issues of steam and gas engines.  It’s one thing to read about these devices in books and photos and another to be able to actually bring them back to life in scale model form.


Plans for this engine are available at .

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