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Mike Perron,     Coral Springs, FL         1/2/2005

Two cylinder  steam engine

This engine was made from plans from R.F. Hasbrouck in N.Y., for a dual acting steam engine, his engine #7. Since I didn't have a lathe at the time (this engine was made on a drill press with lots of fixtures, David)  I decided to modify it to single acting. Crank is 3/16 stainless with steel journals, using LocTite 271 and double pinned with 1/16 stainless wire. 1/2 aluminum pistons using nitril o-ring for seals, running in brass tube liner in aluminum block, valve bodies are steel, with stainless 3/16 valve rod that the top of also has nitril o-ring seal. Main bearings and rods are split bearing brass.


Since getting the lathe, redid the flywheel, crank(single pin before), cams and changed valve links from brass to steel.


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