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Dave Petersen, Tucson, AZ.    (          3/20/2011

Wiggers Stirling Modellbau of Germany build custom crafted engines to customer order. Their models range in price to several thousand dollars. This home crafted version of their "Wiggers Vertical" model.....not so much. Stirling engines in this configuration run hotter as the heat source rises into the working parts and body of the engine. They perform well as the temperature differential between hot and cold cylinders is maintained through insulation and radiator capacity.  Details on my version include a Snapple bottle cap shield between open flame and underside of hot cylinder. A single tower supports the twin brass beams. The flywheel is an old steel caster wheel with the aluminum crank throws balanced with a drum of brass bolted to their ends. The cylinders have a 1/16 inch cork seal under them and the underside of the deck is covered with same material. The alcohol burner slides into the notch of the base under the Pyrex hot cylinder. There is another rubber foot hidden under the flywheel for platform stability. A 3x5in. Formica counter top sample decorates the the base plate and the flywheel and top of cyl. deck is sprayed with Duplicolor Truckbed Liner. An easy runner this engine completed in April, 2011.    

Thanks, Dave Petersen, Tucson, AZ.    (


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