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Manfred Preik         Freiburg / Elbe Germany             7/11/2010

This Stirling engine is build from a patent No.7724, Eimecke, anno 1881. 
All the pattern are done by myself. The picture are representing the
assemblies of this engine. A video you find under YouTube manfredpreik . 
The quality is poor.
  1. the drawing job is done in metric, with SolidWorks. Minor modification have to be done.
  2. the pattern are finished. Minor modification have to be done.
  3. the pattern are going to be stored in the foundry, so that every body can order it from there. In GG, AL or Bzn. I have used Bzn ( gun metal ).
  4. a  very simple report You will find under HMEM build by casting Bremer & Brückmann.
  5. a second engine I have to build for my son. If You like it, I can make a building report in detail including the drawing.

for a good report I need Your help, because my English is not very well. Or a spell checker like by HMEM. If some one want to go in business with these engine no problem. A Invitation to the US, and I come over to build the prototype for production.

have a nice day



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