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Robert Ver Hoven,          Brick, NJ            2/13/2005

PM Research Stirling Engine

This is a photo of my second project. It is a PM Research Stirling Engine kit. It came as 3 castings and bar stock. I picked this for my second project because it had less cast parts and more pieces that had to be machined from bar stock than the first engine I built. This was also a fun project and I was very satisfied to see it run the first time I "fired" it up! I showed it to my wife, all proud of myself, who then proceeded to burst my bubble by saying "Now that you spent all that time in the basement building it, what the heck are you going to use it for?" Am I the only one who gets this kind of response? I wanted to try something other than paint for the finish. I decided on powder coating, and this was my first attempt at it. It was very easy and came out pretty good, in my opinion.



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