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Jerry Howell         Colorado Springs, Colorado   

Stirling Cycle Engine        First run 1999

This is  my fully working "Rider Compression Pumping Engine". It is a model of engines made by the DeLamater Iron Works of New York City in the late 1800's and early 1900's and sold the world over for water pumping. My model is 8-1/2" high, 3-3/8" dia. flywheel, two cylinders of .600" bore and .730" stroke with graphite pistons. The double acting roller valve water pump will squirt water several feet from a 1/16" orifice. The pump is 5/32" bore and .730" stroke. The engine is powered by a small propane flame inside the furnace. The engine castings were my own lost wax castings from my own brass patterns. The furnace door is 18 carat gold, the other castings are zinc alloy.

The Rider engine was a "1 of 50" serial numbered castings kit that I had available a few years ago. They sold out around 18 months ago, so there will never be any more.

Jerry sells plans and hard to find parts for a number of different stirling cycle engines and internal combustion engines from the simple to complex .



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