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Mike Maupin         Gray, TN    

The green one is PM researches (my first of anything) #2, the Horizontal one is the PMRs#3 and the Coke Bottle vertical is PMRs #5, all these were from PMRs casting kits. The Stirling is from PMR, #15 casting kit. I built 4 Lucys from clear plexi glass and brass. I learned quite a bit about my machines and reading the drawings from these engines. I learned to trust my measuring tools somewhat and that adding a bit more for good measure dose not work in this hobby. After tripple checking everything I still rely somewhat on the TLAR method (That looks about right) before making the cut. These were my first projects and were built in the order of #2, Lucy, #3, #5, and the Stirling. I am now in the process of building the boiler, pump, and tank for the #5 to match the setup on PMRs catalog front cover. The feeling of satisfaction to see these engines tak off and run is almost intoxicating to me and the last on was just as satisfying as the first. It amazes me to turn these parts and have them to actually fit most of the time anyway. Its a great day in the shop when everything goes well but a nightmare when things start going bad, I hate to do something twice but I am getting used to that. I really wish I had took some courses on this stuff when I was young but of course I had no interest in this at that age. It seems a bit late in life to start this type of hobby that has an endless learning curve but I enjoy it.





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