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David Kerzel         Pompano Beach, FL       (7/2002)

1/2 Scale Stirling Cycle Fan Engine

I wanted to build a low temperature stirling that could run on waste heat from my computer monitor, but I was advised to start with one of these.  It was a challenge to get he friction levels low enough for the engine to run good.  The parts were smaller than I had previously made and were a challenge.  The most fascinating ting is when you try to start it the first time, light the lamp, wait and give it a spin, one way starts getting easy and the other just stops, suddenly it just silently continues to operate.  I highly recommend a stirling like this one to a new engine builder to learn about friction in model engines.  Operates for over an hour on a jar of alcohol.

Jerry Howell sells plans and hard to find parts for this and a number of different stirling cycle engines and internal combustion engines from the simple to complex .



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