Tips and Information

The following is a list of related links and files relating to engine building and machine shop work. 

Members can forward images drawings and text to be posted.  Tips, fixtures, construction methods are what we want to share.  CAD drawings can also be posted.

Members recommend a internet link that they think would be helpful to others

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Title Link ( just click)
John Moore, Building a Minimag Prototype Magneto Build Details
Backyard Foundry and pattern making Tips and Links
Making Rings by Dale Detrich Making Rings
Offset Turning of a Multi Lobe Cam  by Steve Huck, 2008 Offset Turning of a Multi Lobe Cam
This is a collection of tips provided by various members. 

If you have a tip send it and we will add it in.

Assorted Model Engine Building Tips
This is a collection of Machine Shop tips provided by various members. 

If you have a tip send it and we will add it in.

Machine Shop Tips
David Kerzel   Notes and Tips related to Hit and Miss  Model Engines  Notes and Tips for building Model Engines
David Kerzel   Notes and Tips related to Model Engines Ignition Ignition Tips
Bob Shores           Small Gas Engines, Plans Kits, and Parts.    

Bob is the founder of FAME and many of his engines are the most commonly built engines.  He is a good resource and provides a lot of advice and guidance to model builders.  He has provide us with some of his building tips.

e- mail bob at

Engine Building Tips 

Bob has provided several tips to help a new engine builder do things correctly the first time.

A Yahoo Group to  try and answer questions about the building of Bob Shores many engines and designs.
A collection of Freeware software for a large number of shop and design calculations.  Files contain ready to run versions and the source files in C.  They are DOS programs and will work in Windows.
A web site all about making springs
Animated Engines

Animated web site showing how various engines work
Model Engine Builder Magazine.
Construction articles for engines with large format plans
Model Engineer Magazine
Model Engineer   26 issues per year    $136  1st.Class mail in USA.   The cost is a little high due to the fact that the Magazine. is British, and has high charges for mail to USA. 



Colorado Model Engineering Society

This is a club that is just getting the web site together (May 2002)
Toronto Society of Model Engineers.
Ridge Live Steamers. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our railroad heritage.  RLS currently has over 2600 feet of 7" gauge mainline plus an additional 4000 in sidings and yards located at our track site near Dundee, Florida, USA.


New England Model Engineering Society 
Portland Model Engineers club.  This is a club in Portland OR
TC 9-524 FUNDAMENTALS OF MACHINE TOOLS, This is a US Army Machine shop class text.  Lots of good reference and basic how-to.
The Grand Scales Quarterly  and 7+ RAILROADER by Robinson & Associates, P.O. Box 8953, Red Bluff, CA 96080 USA 530-527-0141 fax 530-527-0420  &
Yahoo Group, Miniature Internal Combustion Engines
Yahoo Group, for home built machines
Shop Book

A shop practice book written specifically of interest to model engine builders, prototype makers, live steamers and telescope builders or anyone using manually-controlled machine tools
A  book for the novice and professional alike. Its very informative and has a wealth of tips, tricks and how tos used in day to day functions of machine shops by industry and small shops alike........and is very applicable to the home shop machinist.  Its bound to save you time, and trouble and give you the inside edge on lots of procedures that up until now were not generally available to the public ... these are the Secrets of the Trade.  (James A. Harvey, Author: Machine Shop Trade Secrets )