Cabin Fever Model Engineering Exposition in York PA
Hank Helmen

Sent: Mon, Jan 17, 2011 12:32 pm
Subject: 2011 Cabin Fever Model Engineering Exposition in York PA

The Cabin Fever show opened Saturday Morning with a large crowd waiting in the cold to get in to the Toyota Arena at the York Fairgrounds.  The lines moved quickly and the ten dollar admission was worth every penny.  The building was warm, and full of engines!

 There were steam powered model trains, many displays of various steam engines (running on compressed air supplied by pipes in the building) and Lots of internal combustion engines.

 Louis Chenot brought his magnificent  1/6 scale Duesenberg car model. He had the engine removed for running. It is a real piece of art.   Richard Carlstedt was displaying his amazing civil war

Monitor steam ship engine, as well as a new model of a Hypocycloidal gear steam pumping engine.

Doug Kelly had yet another beautiful engine running a Macbeth four cylinder model.  It started with a quick spin of the flywheel and ran very well.

George Luhrs had his round table display set up with a steam tractor running around the table. 

Reed Martin from Cabin John Maryland brought his remarkable display of Brown Junior model airplane engines as well as some of his collection of Elmer Wall engines.  New to his display this year

was a 1911 "Baby" engine with a water jacket, and a Gnome Rotary model engine built by the late Marvin Buchanan of Whitehouse Ohio.

Joe Clemens and his father brought a Wall 15 cc racing engine and ran it many times Saturday, as well as a four cylinder Cirrus aircraft engine that ran nicely too.

David Heiney displayed his very unique steam engine with a disc piston that pivots with the connecting rod.  He had several variations of his design including a four cylinder model and a marine version powering a small steam launch.

 Gary Arnold was showing his twelve cylinder opposed flat four stroke engine.

 In the middle of the hall was a large mound of earth being shoveled by a big Radio controlled model drag line!


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