Cabin Fever 2010
Hank Helmen

    Just returned from  York PA last night.  The show was fun this year. Quite a few new faces displaying engines and products. The weather was much warmer this year than 2009.   Ron Colonna & his son were running his Harley engine.  George Luhers had his big wooden spool set up, and had all of his tiny engines on display.  When I asked him how he was doing he said "I'm hanging in there".   I ran into Art DeKalb, who had some of his casting kits on display.  There were a lot of very large Yard type steam rail Locomotives this year.   Maggie came along with me and she enjoyed the  old treadle lathes and the demonstration of toy top making.  The Midwest Model Builders club brought a very nice display of steam and gas engines.  Clif Roemmich had a very intricate steam engine powering two side wheel paddle wheels running all day.   Joe Clemens and his son Joe and his grand son Ross were running an old Elmer Wall single four stroke, beside me and my Water Witch engine.  Reed Martin had a very large display (30 or more) of Brown Jr. engines as well as all of his Elmer Wall engines, model out boards, miniature spark plugs, and tether cars and boats.


1895 MeryEngine 4Sale-SteamEngine BarStockFourCycle-consignment BrownJR WaterTestEngine CabinFeverBoat-2010 CastingPattern Clif Roemmich-Holt
1895 MeryEngine.jpg 4Sale-SteamEngine.jpg BarStockFourCycle-consignment.jpg BrownJR WaterTestEngine.jpg CabinFeverBoat-2010.jpg CastingPattern.jpg Clif Roemmich-Holt.jpg
D.LemarSere DSCN8523 Don Rapalee-Stuart pwrdDynamo Guns-MalcolmMcPhearson HalfScaleMaytag SterlingRotary-D Lemar Sere TreadleLatheDemo2
D.LemarSere.jpg DSCN8523.jpg Don Rapalee-Stuart pwrdDynamo.jpg Guns-MalcolmMcPhearson.jpg HalfScaleMaytag.jpg SterlingRotary-D Lemar Sere.jpg TreadleLatheDemo2.jpg
Westbury-Roemmich-Centaur WoodenShipModelAuctionItem WorkingMini-Lathe WorkingSteamTrain subMachinegun-McPhearson    
Westbury-Roemmich-Centaur.jpg WoodenShipModelAuctionItem.jpg WorkingMini-Lathe.jpg WorkingSteamTrain.jpg subMachinegun-McPhearson.jpg