Age of Sail, Age of Steam Model Exhibition 2007
David Kerzel

This was a an interesting show with all the model boat builders and model train builders and collectors.  They were a wonderful group of interesting talented people to talk with.  There models are based off of real historic boats and trains.  My Wright J5 Whirlwind radial fit right in but they have shown me the importance on historic and accurate models.  I am on the trail of a historic electric motor.   David.

DSC06642 DSC06644 DSC06645 DSC06646 DSC06647 DSC06648 DSC06649
DSC06642.jpg DSC06644.jpg DSC06645.jpg DSC06646.jpg DSC06647.jpg DSC06648.jpg DSC06649.jpg
DSC06650 DSC06651 DSC06652 DSC06659 DSC06682 DSC06685 DSC06693
DSC06650.jpg DSC06651.jpg DSC06652.jpg DSC06659.jpg DSC06682.jpg DSC06685.jpg DSC06693.jpg
DSC06694 DSC06695          
DSC06694.jpg DSC06695.jpg