Model Engine Ignition

 Last year after Cabin fever 2007 I realized there was a lot of confusion about ignition.  I started writing these articles.  As I finished up similar articles appeared in Model Engine builder Magazine and I let them just sit there.

This year at NAMES the same types of questions came up so I decided to posted the articles.

The start with batteries and end up with Hall sensors.

I recognize some of my ideas and beliefs are slightly different than some of you may believe.  I can accept you ideas and convictions and I hope you will consider some of these possibilities.

Please let me know if you find it helpful, if you find errors, if you find it misleading, if you want to add a section or know of another possibility.  I am willing to include alternate opinions and ideas on any topic.

David Kerzel   4/25/2008


Table of Contents

Batteries and Charging

Low voltage/tension ignition

High Voltage ignition

Transistor Ignition

More Transistor Ignition


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